2023/06/08. Gold Price Today.

Actual Gold price equal to 1979.30 Dollars per troy ounce or 63.64 Dollars per 1 gram. Today's price range: 1978.10 - 1981.10. The previous day close: $1978.60, the change was +0.70, +0.04%.

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Date Weekday Min Max Price
06/09 Friday 1905 2105 2005
06/12 Monday 1897 2097 1997
06/13 Tuesday 1883 2081 1982
06/14 Wednesday 1896 2096 1996
06/15 Thursday 1883 2081 1982
06/16 Friday 1880 2078 1979
06/19 Monday 1895 2095 1995
06/20 Tuesday 1895 2095 1995
06/21 Wednesday 1913 2115 2014
06/22 Thursday 1918 2120 2019
06/23 Friday 1901 2101 2001
06/26 Monday 1884 2082 1983
06/27 Tuesday 1888 2086 1987
06/28 Wednesday 1882 2080 1981
06/29 Thursday 1901 2101 2001
06/30 Friday 1876 2074 1975
07/03 Monday 1870 2066 1968
07/04 Tuesday 1844 2038 1941
07/05 Wednesday 1850 2044 1947
07/06 Thursday 1845 2039 1942
07/07 Friday 1830 2022 1926
07/10 Monday 1825 2017 1921
07/11 Tuesday 1837 2031 1934
07/12 Wednesday 1840 2034 1937

Gold price forecast on Friday, June, 9: 2005 Dollars, maximum 2105, minimum 1905. Gold price prediction on Monday, June, 12: 1997 Dollars, maximum 2097, minimum 1897. Gold price forecast on Tuesday, June, 13: 1982 Dollars, maximum 2081, minimum 1883. Gold price prediction on Wednesday, June, 14: 1996 Dollars, maximum 2096, minimum 1896.

In 1 week Gold price forecast on Thursday, June, 15: 1982 Dollars, maximum 2081, minimum 1883. Gold price prediction on Friday, June, 16: 1979 Dollars, maximum 2078, minimum 1880. Gold price forecast on Monday, June, 19: 1995 Dollars, maximum 2095, minimum 1895. Gold price prediction on Tuesday, June, 20: 1995 Dollars, maximum 2095, minimum 1895. Gold price forecast on Wednesday, June, 21: 2014 Dollars, maximum 2115, minimum 1913.

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In 2 weeks Gold price prediction on Thursday, June, 22: 2019 Dollars, maximum 2120, minimum 1918. Gold price forecast on Friday, June, 23: 2001 Dollars, maximum 2101, minimum 1901. Gold price prediction on Monday, June, 26: 1983 Dollars, maximum 2082, minimum 1884. Gold price forecast on Tuesday, June, 27: 1987 Dollars, maximum 2086, minimum 1888. Gold price prediction on Wednesday, June, 28: 1981 Dollars, maximum 2080, minimum 1882.

In 3 weeks Gold price forecast on Thursday, June, 29: 2001 Dollars, maximum 2101, minimum 1901. Gold price prediction on Friday, June, 30: 1975 Dollars, maximum 2074, minimum 1876. Gold price forecast on Monday, July, 3: 1968 Dollars, maximum 2066, minimum 1870. Gold price prediction on Tuesday, July, 4: 1941 Dollars, maximum 2038, minimum 1844. Gold price forecast on Wednesday, July, 5: 1947 Dollars, maximum 2044, minimum 1850.

In 4 weeks Gold price prediction on Thursday, July, 6: 1942 Dollars, maximum 2039, minimum 1845. Gold price forecast on Friday, July, 7: 1926 Dollars, maximum 2022, minimum 1830. Gold price prediction on Monday, July, 10: 1921 Dollars, maximum 2017, minimum 1825.

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Gold Price Change History

Gold has been used as the currency of choice throughout history, with the earliest known use being during 600 B.C. in Lydia (Present-day Turkey).

Fast forward to 1848, gold was identified at Sutter's Ranch, and this inspired the famous Gold Rush to California. A few years later in 1861, Salmon Chase, the U.S. Treasury Secretary at the time produced the original U.S. paper currency backed by gold.

And this was the start of the gold standard, which later came to an end in 1933.

What Makes Gold Prices to Fluctuate?

Gold prices show the real state of a country's economic health. When the prices for gold go up, it signals an unhealthy economy. This is because investors tend to buy more gold, to protect their wealth from an economic crisis or inflation. And as demand increases, so does the price.

On the other hand, when the prices are low, the economy is in perfect health. This makes real estate, bonds, and stocks more profitable investments. Hence the demand for gold is low.

The key takeaways are that gold prices reflect the thoughts and beliefs of commodity traders. For example, if the general perception of the economy is poor, they will buy more gold. If investors think that the economy is great, they buy less.

Gold Prices in the 21st Century

Gold found its prices rising on a financial market in 1979, when prices were topping out in dollars at 850 dollars per ounce in early 1980. Since then, the market went through a correction and prices have risen and dropped to date.

Let's take a look at how the prices have changed in the last 20 years.

Gold Prices Between 1999 - 2010

Anytime there is market uncertainty caused by geopolitical problems, gold prices rally. This explains why the gold prices skyrocketed in the first decade of the 21 century.

Between 1980 (the first colossal spike in prices) and 2000, gold prices fell but not at a steep rate.

In 2000, before the dot com excitement started, gold was trading for just $272.65 per ounce. However, from 2001, the country experienced an economic recession accompanied by the fateful 9/11 attacks. And as all investors do in the time of crisis, everyone started buying up gold.

Although this rise can be attributed to the panic that the economy was crashing, the prices of gold still increased at a steep rate even after the stock market started a new rally.

In 2007-2008, there was a severe worldwide economic crisis known as the global financial crisis (GFC). This economic crisis also contributed to a spike in the prices of gold. The yearly average was $ 871 per ounce in 2008. The financial crash of 2008 added to the demand, and over the next four years, prices were at an all-time high.

This year the price reached a high of over $ 1000 per ounce since the gold trade began.

The following year gold reached an all-time high with an average yearly price of $ 1,134 plus a high of $ 1,212 per ounce. But that was not the end.

Gold prices continued to increase. And in 2010 there was an all-time high price again of $ 1431 at the close of the year.

Gold Prices Between 2011 - 2020

By August 2011, a few years into the Great Recession, uneasy investors propelled the price of gold to an all-time high (to date) of $ 1,917 per ounce before pulling back to about $ 1,880.

These high prices were as a result of debt issues with the U.S. and Europe, which turned investors to buying gold.

However, fast forward two years later, golds most profound price fall happened between October of 2012 and July of 2013. The metal lost around a third of its initial value.

Experts attributed this sudden fall into the strengthening of the U.S. dollar in those two years.

Money works inverse to commodities. When the dollar strengthens against major currencies, the prices of commodities such as gold, drop.

This is because many foreign buyers purchase gold using dollars. So, when the dollar is weak, they have more buying power. Hence the demand for gold increases.

The price continued to fall to a low of $ 1060 per ounce in January 2016 before making a rebound in 2018.

The U.S. major market indexes almost experienced a bear market on December 24, 2018. By April of 2018, the price was around $ 1657 per ounce. In 2018, the dollar's currency also strengthened against its peers and rose from 120 to 128. On the other hand, dollar-denominated assets were more attractive to investors, so they shifted their money to the U.S.

Considering all these unfavorable macroeconomic factors, the performance of gold this year was reasonable.

The price experienced minor changes up until February of 2020. Due to the fears of the growing pandemic and the effects on the economy, investors turned to gold as a safe haven.

In March 2020, global stocks plunged into an abrupt bear market in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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